whoa, it’s almost fall already….

wow. September 23rd is the beginning of fall.   I can’t believe the time moves so quickly through the months.  I left the summer entries up to baby, but as i now see, she has not done much (well, at least not in the writing aspect).  While i was working,  she spent her time  with brother baby running around in flower beds, swimming, walking, and generally fooling around too much.  That’s a baby for ya!  I guess someone has to take responsibility for the fun parts in life.

The last few rainy days, baby, brother baby and i have been planning our winter extravaganza for the year.  As far as we know, baby has never left the US, but that’s going to change this year. Baby’s going to Europe! Although, brother baby will need to stay home where it is safe, at least for the first leg of our trip. (For those who might not read all the entries: brother baby is made of glass and quite fragile, both physically and emotionally).   It will be fun to show baby around where i used to live in Germany.  It seems like a very long time since i have seen my friends (although i believe it’s only been about 5 years).  I am trying to teach myself Portuguese, while baby is brushing up on her German.  It will be nice to have a small travel companion, we are a good suit for one another.  Hopefully there will be no issues at security at the airport.  Baby doesn’t require much (and as i have mentioned in past entries: she’s made out of wood),so i am assuming her and her tiny bag will be fine in my carry-on.

well that’s it for now…. here are some random fotos from the summer (that went too quickly)…. enjoy….

gene and nina at craft night....


mark's lost his head....

hey there Mike G....

look what we found for nina!!

yum...look evan, all the panda candy you can eat.....

o' potatoes, how i love you.....

german night with Joe....

hey craig, what do you see?

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