truth or consequences…

who knew this tiny town, formally know as Hot Springs, would be such a relaxing, splendid place to take a break… the hot thermal water flows out of a rift along the Rio Grande. Faults along the rift allow for deep groundwater to flow freely to the surface without losing heat or minerals… producing waters with temperatures ranging from 98 to 115 degrees (trace elements of 38 different minerals). The pH of the water is 7, or neutral.  what a natural wonder!  the change of the name came in 1950’s.  Ralph Edwards, host of the radio show Truth or Consequences, said that he would air the program from the first town that renamed itself after the show….well, Hot Springs won…here’s a few fotos…. enjoy….

20150111_073311 20150111_073321 20150111_090921 20150111_090934 20150111_090956 20150111_091041_2 20150111_091107_2 20150111_091114 20150111_132050 20150111_135343 20150111_135422 20150106_171202_2 IMG_20150111_165927_2

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