Spring is here!

Yay!  it’s spring here (finally) and  I am back to work.

This spring, summer, and fall baby will probably be making most of the entries, as I need to keep the cash coming in….(that is if we want to make another winter trip)!  so until baby makes her next entry, here are a few fotos from full moon festifools (it was a moonlit event with a procession of hand-made illuminated sculptures). It was tons of fun with lots of beautiful lanterns and great music!

and here is a couple fotos of p-nut, just ’cause i love him….

p-nut getting wild: smoking and drinking....

2 thoughts on “Spring is here!

  1. yay! love the pics…although, this spring is off to a slow, slow start. man – next year, you might as well wait ’til may to come back – but glad you’re here!

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