as i’ve said before, leaving san francisco is always hard for me, but i was solid in my  decision  to leave on wednesday morning.  however, tuesday afternoon my friend josh said he was going to the independent film festival at the roxie on wednesday night,and i should come.  i put the idea out of my mind, until he said the name….”Machotaildrop”….what? what had he just said?  Machotaildrop? what did that mean?  …hmmmm….very interesting name ( i like the way it sounds and try to find any reason to say it over and over again)….so i read the synopsis in the flyer….it sounded like a skateboard willie wonka movie meets the warriors, but way better.  one more day wouldn’t break the bank.

the evening started with san diego beer, german sausages, and good company. those three things can lead to needing a taxi to get there on time, but we made it.   josh had bought the ticket in advance (smart man).  the movie had made my decision to stick around the right one.  i really liked the film.  i thought it was visually intriguing and i found it to be quite funny.  if it should come around where you are, i recommend it.  here is the trailer for it……

Machotaildrop, roll with the gods…

2 thoughts on “Machotaildrop!

  1. hey…i think you should continue this. we’re always travelin’, even when standing still. more pics, please! xx, g.

    • I agree gene! I may be unable to keep up with it, but baby said she is available to keep up with the entries. So there will be lots of baby traveling (mostly in gardens)
      while I will be working!

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