brother baby….

I have big news!
While we were in Albuquerque, i spent some good times with gryphon.  She’s so cool.  She visits the winter wonderland every december.  This time before she left, we were hanging out and talking.  She was being a very thoughtful listener.  I was telling her how hard it is being a tiny, especially in the world of the Large! How a tiny is so easily forgotten, not seen, tossed from place to place, and forced to participate in Large events.  Those are  just a few things  we must deal with day in, day out….in fact, that is how i am losing one of my beautiful, blue eyes! (b says,” o’ don’t worry, i can color it in for you.  Maybe with a different color!  Isn’t that what goes on with bowie’s eyes? or is it a pupil thing?”  uggghhh! she can be sooo annoying!!!)  Anyways, I wasn’t so sure gryphon quite understood, she is a Large herself!  When she came home she had a HUGE, not Large, surprise for me….Brother Baby!!! Brother B wasn’t quite as tiny as me, but still a tiny none the less!! Brother is great, we spent alot of time giggling and telling secrets about b and all the strange and silly things she does.  b says we need to be “mindful” of brother because he is fragile. I’m made from wood, he’s made of glass.  He can’t do as many things as I can, but it is great to just have him around.  He understands the hardships of a tiny!  We have been letting b run around by herself for the last few weeks.  I feel much more grounded now.  here’s a few fotos of brother and me….

6 thoughts on “brother baby….

  1. BROTHER BABY!!!!!!!!! hope your travels are going well 🙂

    (don’t forget to come back and visit before you head home) (pplllleeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaasssssseeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

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