measure twice, cut a million times….

I am definitely  not a carpenter, but you all know the rule: measure twice, cut once.  That isn’t exactly how it works for me.  Hanging a picture or  swinging a hammer is something I can handle, but actually construct something functional and beautiful, ah…I better leave that to the professionals.  My ideas for my custom-made camper were not going to happen if I didn’t get some help. Well, they might have happened but not in any well crafted way.  So, I called on one of the best carpenters in our area…”hey Craig!!”

It was a magical process.  I told him exactly what I wanted: bed, desk, shelves,and even a hide away drawer for my cooker. Was I asking too much?  In the back of my mind I thought I might be, or that maybe it wouldn’t be as ideal as I imagined it in my head; boy was I wrong. He heard everything I said and built it to perfection.  He did an amazing job and it is exactly what I wanted. I am grateful. Thanks Craig you did beautiful work.   here is phase 2:







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