bye-bye baby b….

My grandpa worked at Chrysler for years, that’s how I was first introduced to the K-car (which I refer to as the b-car).    It was a 1988 navy-blue Plymouth Reliant, plush bench seats with manual windows and doors. The clock didn’t keep time, but  there was air-conditioning.  My grandpa never used it and  my grandma insisted she was allergic to all air conditioning.   By the time I was given the car, the air conditioning didn’t even work.  I didn’t mind though, because it ran like a superstar and only had 60,000 miles.  Even with all the dents and rust, I was able to get around quite a bit (back and forth twice from Wyoming!).

The b-car had only known our family, and had served us all very well.  My winter travel plans required something larger though, so I figured It was time to move on.  After a much-needed cleaning, I put it up on Craigslist.  I received so many calls that it was overwhelming. I ended up selling it to the first guy that showed up.   He was a nice young fella’ with a really nice sporty car, which left me wondering what he needed a 1988 rust bucket for?!  He said it was his “ma’s birthday” and wanted to surprise her.   Well, that sealed the deal! I figured it was going to the right home.  It made it less painful to say good-bye.   I had some great travels with that little car…….bye bye little b-car…..

2 thoughts on “bye-bye baby b….

  1. Huh…did you fix the trunk? I seem to remember a crumpled hatch door and ropes – but noticed the padlock in your pic – love that!

    if the mini-b needs curtains…just let me know, i have some for you!

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