Shouldn’t there be love?

Normally, most folks fall in love with their new auto, but I guess I am not most folks. I can’t say that I feel connected to my new minivan. Maybe, it’s like some relationships, with time and patience they grow into a wonderful and loving friendship. Although, for now I think my stinky, little minivan has quite a bit to prove.

I liberated the dirty ’98 Safari from a peculiar women downriver. She needed to get rid of “her babay” due to double knee surgery (or perhaps her pill addiction). Well, she didn’t seem to be have any problem getting around as she snatched the money from my hand and ran back into her house.

It didn’t really matter what her reason was though, because the motor was strong, with no leaks or rust, and had only 105,000 miles. I would make that car a gem on wheels. On the way home, I felt both lucky and disgusted. Excited about how this was all going to pan out and also sick because I knew I was bringing bed bugs home with me.

I have found a good detailer and hopefully they can deal with the stench and ease my mind of having any sort of parasitic creatures living with me out there on the road. Here are a few fotos of phase 1…….



6 thoughts on “Shouldn’t there be love?

  1. FUN beth EVERY other person in france owns those big white vans you love so much they are everywhere so i think of you often. cant wait to see the finished product

    also did you know bedbugs can survive without a meal for up to 1 YEAR wtf

  2. love it, love it!

    and yes, there should be love…and dust, blood, guts, bed bugs, laughter, tears – the only thing we don’t need is flat tires!

    …and parking tickets.

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