holy crap-cakes, no brakes!

I haven’t been blogging much lately or taking fotos.  It is important for me to reconnect to nature and the world and not to be too tied to technology.  I find technology to be soul sucking at times.  Letting friends and family hear of adventures through spoken word and animated reenactment is much more appealing and pleasurable for me.  Although, I realize I am not in contact with too many of my folks while traveling and it is sometimes necessary to try and give a proper balance, with technology included… so here goes… quick and condensed (but with fotos)..

After Germany (with my super killer German flu and a broken rib..ugh…) I made it home only to be sick for a few more weeks. When I finally recovered I quickly grabbed what I could (meaning baby) hopped in the van and off we went…through the south and over to the southwest.   While traveling through the  regions I enjoyed friends, hikes, food, campsites, hummingbirds, snakes, mountains, red soil, raptors,  peace, and another Christmas (thank you Noelani and Gryphon) where baby received a hand-made swinging chair and I got a cool “traveling b” sign (also hand-made)for my van.  That was all in the first few weeks.  Wow!

Each year I fall in love with a new state it seems.  This year is Arizona..dry and warm…ahhhh…the campgrounds were empty, except for me and the critters.  I hiked all day and made fires at night waiting for shooting stars and listened to the mouse trying to hibernate in my van.  I did not want to leave the area I was in, but it was time to get on back to the hustle and bustle of the cities.  I needed to replenish my traveling funds.  Rolling into California through the desert is one of my favorite drives into the state.  The Desert is a mystical but deadly place, a lovely match.

I was so close to Long Beach, just an hour from my friend: Lutey.  I thought I’d take a different route there. Why not through Riverside?  I am glad I did, if I had been on the freeway, I might not be writing this right now.  Without warning, my brakes went to the floor, whoa!   Looking to the right there was  the guard rail, a Lexus car was to the left and a tree between the two, I opted for the tree.  I don’t remember much except crawling out the back window and crying a lot.   The paramedics, fire department, police department, and everyone else took control of the situation for me. At times of stress, it is easy to relinquish your (false sense) of power.   I was checked out and given a clean bill of health, while the van was pulled out and gently delivered to the auto repair shop.   Thank goodness the van is set up for sleeping in; I spent the night in the parking lot.  7 a.m. didn’t come soon enough.  The next morning the mechanics (who I should add, were very kind, trustworthy, and sympathetic towards me) let me know that the problem had been the brake line.  The line had broken and it would take at least 4 days to fix and ton of money.  CRAP-CAKES!!  At least the mouse that was trying to nest in my van made a run for it…smart critter, and thank goodness for ms.Lutey and her main squeeze, Nic. They not only picked me up, but I get to kick it at their place until the van is repaired, no sleeping in the garage parking lot for me.  I am a very lucky gal.…  Well, that is all i can write right now.  Here are just a  few fotos…enjoy…

leap noelani...

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