hallo Deutschland….

Some things never change, or at least so it seems.  It’s cold, foggy, and gray, but beautiful.  Other than the children getting taller and friends getting older, it’s almost as if I had never left.  I am grateful to Kaki and his family (Marion, Alena,and Eddie), they have made my transition back here easy and fun.  I feel very welcome.  My days consist of taking  long walks with the dog (Zaree), mittagessen (lunch; home cooked by Kaki), bicycling from village to village to visit old friends, walking to old haunts, and basically relaxing and enjoying my time.  Almost everyday I seem to meet someone new.  The folks that live in this area are very friendly and curious.  They always take the time to chat with me.  It seems that I haven’t forgotten as much German as I thought I had.  In fact, I wonder if it is just as it was when I lived here;heavy accent and bad grammer….but at least I am able to understand everything and carry on a conversation.  I do truly enjoy the language and love being able to practice and refresh my memory.  Next week I am off to Portugal to visit with an old friend.  Baby can’t wait to get somewhere warm.  She has been tucked in my side pocket for days….

Here are some fotos from my favorite place in Germany….check ‘em out….

eddie lookin' cool...

time to push the bike home...

morning walk with zaree...

there's more to come......

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