ahhh…san francisco…i love you….

I never really wanted to leave San Francisco, but life happens and sometimes you have no control over what you really want!  Even though I don’t live there anymore, I am still able to go back often….lucky, huh?  The city feels like home to me. Every year, more and more folks I know move to the bay area which makes it even more familiar (Thanks to all!  haus of 711, O, Chazan Crew, and Dettore…you  made the time even more enjoyable!). I hope to make it my winter escape. A little rain is better than 2-3 feet of snow…. Michigan winters are more than I can handle.

foto time…

what kinda of snake is that? anyone? anyone?

2 thoughts on “ahhh…san francisco…i love you….

  1. pretty pretty pics…wish i was there! glad you enjoyed SF, much to love there. be a snowbird and fly to SF in the winters! my opinion: winter itself isn’t SO bad – it just lasts too long here…and then i think of Canada and all parts further north – i just don’t understand how they endure it. please, please, please: soak up as much sunshine and warmth before you head home…enough to bring us back some!

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