that’s what friends are for….

No matter where i have lived,(whether it was in the tenderloin, germany, or under a bush) there has always been one person who has come to visit me,  long-time friend, Noelani. We have known each other since we were teenagers and have lived many different experiences, but have always maintained a great friendship. I’ve even been able to feel close to her daughter Gryphon, even though they live so far from me.  They always make sure I feel like their home is also my home, i even get my own room and bathroom…fancy pants!  So when I come to New Mexico, my first stop is always Albuquerque.

I couldn’t wait to get there.  It is nice to have some familiar company, you know, people you don’t have to explain your jokes to….  Plus, word on the street was” Gryphon is a excellent baker”, so that’s an extra special treat!!  And her baking skills are killer…first night: boston creme cupcakes!!! I think she would bake everyday (at least baby wishes she would) if she had time, although she is very busy with all her  hobbies (horseback riding, acting, reptile mothering,and french, are just a few to say the least).

baby loves it here and almost lost her mind over the cupcakes.  she loves sugar!  She also made some friends, so it looks like this is where we will bring in the new year.  Yay!

Cocktails for baby and buddha....

down the rabbit hole....

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