yeehaw texas…

Never in a million years did i think i would ever go to Texas, but the temperatures were just  right. You can’t beat  70 degrees, with the most wonderful warm winds…simply beautiful.  After baby forced the Waco trip on me, i figured i’d make my way down to Austin.   I had never been there and almost everyone i know always says, “Go to Austin!!”…. so i figured,  why not.

As i  rolled into the city, i drove straight to  McKinney Falls State Park, it had been recommended by a friend.   It was a good idea, i loved the place and ended up staying for 5 days.  Not only was it close to the city, but the park had lots of trails for hiking.  Plus, they had bathrooms with HOT showers! Awesome!!!   I spent my days getting lost walking all over the city and checking out all the great music spots.  Austin is a place i hope to visit again, it was super fun and people were friendly.

While making my way to New Mexico, i ended up getting lost on the backroads of Texas. In one town (i guess that’s what you call an area with two or three houses), this guy walking down the street swinging a baseball bat gave me a head nod and a hard stare. I almost hit the gas, but being on a dirt road i was scared i’d kick dirt up in his beady eyes, so i gave him the ol’ country wave instead.  That must of been the thing to do;  in the review mirror i saw him give me a little wave back. I like Texas….

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