eatin’ healthy at McDonald’s…..

McDonald’s are everywhere.  It’s amazing.  I guess after all these years I shouldn’t be astonished, but I am! Sometimes they are pretty much across the street from each other.  I guess you want to make sure to get the traffic traveling in both directions.

I slide into the parking lot and try not to be seen,  then quickly duck into the back of the van.  I keep tabs on the rest of the travelers comings and goings (mostly through drive-thru).  They don’t notice me.  Is it that I’m undercover in my super minivan?  Or perhaps it’s that my windows are tinted?  It’s probably really that they are so consumed by value meal deals they don’t notice anything.  but i do….so, this is where I eat my granola and pretend like I’m stealing their internet connection, even though the sign out front says, “free Wi-Fi”.

out the van window...young man stroking dead animal before going in the eat....

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