heeeeere’s baby….

It’s hard to find the right travel companion.  Normally by the end of the trip you are exhausted and sick of that other person; just sitting there…breathing in and out…in and out…ugggh!

I’ve always enjoyed traveling alone, but this time I choose to bring a friend.  We became acquainted just a few weeks ago.  She is little, cute, and  just a baby.  Her vocabulary isn’t very large, which makes for easy and light conversation.  Plus, she’s made out of wood!  She wont just sit there breathing, although I bet she will be a bit mischievous at times.

Well, I’ll let her introduce herself…

hi. baby here. i am having fun in the forest.  i love to bounce from one thing to another. sometimes
i sneak sips of coffee….but don’t tell!
at night it is cold, so we make a campfire.
later. time for a walk.

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